Accounting services

Balance Sheet LLC was founded in 2008 and began its activities in the city of Alaverdi. Having achieved success in a short period of time, the founders of the company decided to expand the scope of the company’s activities by opening an office in Yerevan.

The company’s mission is to provide high-quality business services in the field of taxation and accounting.

Along with the development of the economy in countries with developing market economies, legislation regulating taxation and accounting is constantly being reformed, which has an impact on the effective management of business, both in terms of regular qualifications of specialists and the possession and correct application of legislative news.

Cooperation with us will create the opportunity for you to receive a full range of professional advice on tax and accounting services.

We provide

Accounting and consulting

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Accounting is complete and accurate information about business activities, which is reflected in the financial and tax reporting of an organization. The presence of competent accounting allows an enterprise to evaluate its costs and income, optimize and manage them, which has a positive effect on the effective management of business processes, further business development and strategic planning.

Accounting outsourcing is seen as a way to reduce accounting costs and financial risks. Accounting outsourcing frees a business not only from the need to have a team of accountants, payroll and associated tax obligations; from the obligations of purchasing and monitoring accounting software, but also allows the businessman to direct all his time and resources exclusively to other business management processes.

Balance sheet accounting firm offers:

  • From accounting of initial accounting documents to preparation of financial statements
  • Development of accounting policies
  • Compilation of calculations-reports submitted to tax and other state authorities
  • Implementation and recovery of accounting
  • Participation in inspections conducted by the tax authority
  • Automation of operational accounting

Tax accounting and consulting

Tax accounting management by commercial companies, as
emergence of a new direction of accounting defined by the RA Tax Code
is a mandatory requirement.

Accounting policies include certain principles,
principles, methods, rules, forms and procedures that apply
preparation and presentation of financial statements by the organization

The tax accounting policy must be approved by the company
by order of the management. Such policies can be as:
part of the company’s normal accounting policy, so be accepted
as a separate document.

The Balance Sheet company offers

  • Preparation of tax reports
  • Calculation, planning and accounting of taxes, duties and other mandatory payments in accordance with the tax legislation
  • Assessment, management and consulting of tax legislation, tax accounting and optimization methods, payment terms and tax risks
  • Assessment and consultation of tax consequences of individual transactions (contracts).

Personnel administration

In addition to being a legal requirement, personnel document circulation ensures the documentation of agreements on the change and termination of the relationship between the employer and employees, which in turn is one of the important tools of staff management.

In the framework of personnel administration service, we carry out:

  • Drafting of legal acts regulating labor relations, contracts and agreements for the paid provision of labor and services (civil law)
  • Calculation, accounting and consulting of working time calculation bulletins, vacation and disability benefits
  • Drafting of internal disciplinary rules and other legal acts regulating labor relations

Internal Audit

One of the main prerequisites for running a competitive business is the most efficient use of available resources. From this point of view, one of the most important issues is to avoid additional tax consequences.
In most cases, such services are used before scheduled audits by the tax authority, but the use of this tool allows a business to reduce risks, take into account lost income and expenses, and avoid additional tax consequences.

Accounting company Balance Sheet offers:
• Checking tax and financial statements, identifying errors and omissions, correcting and preparing updated statements.
• Accounting for lost income and expenses, consultations on their optimization
• Consultations on reducing tax and accounting risks

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Other services

Balance sheet accounting company offers a package of additional services, which are provided both individually and as a complete package.

  • State registration of business, legal type selection advice
  • Assisting in registration of legal entities and registration of individual entrepreneurs
  • Provision of amendments to the charter of legal entities and their state registration
  • Assisting in ordering seals and stamps
  • Assistance in the purchase and maintenance of cash register machines The above services are provided both individually and as a complete package.