Accounting is complete and accurate information about business activities, which is reflected in the financial and tax reporting of an organization. The presence of competent accounting allows an enterprise to evaluate its costs and income, optimize and manage them, which has a positive effect on the effective management of business processes, further business development and strategic planning.

Accounting outsourcing is seen as a way to reduce accounting costs and financial risks. Accounting outsourcing frees a business not only from the need to have a team of accountants, payroll and associated tax obligations; from the obligations of purchasing and monitoring accounting software, but also allows the businessman to direct all his time and resources exclusively to other business management processes.

Balance sheet accounting firm offers:

  • From accounting of initial accounting documents to preparation of financial statements
  • Development of accounting policies
  • Compilation of calculations-reports submitted to tax and other state authorities
  • Implementation and recovery of accounting
  • Participation in inspections conducted by the tax authority
  • Automation of operational accounting
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